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Tiziano Tescaro
in the ONU of New York
(Climate Change)

2015,  Dubai,  international judge in a one competition

Tiziano Tescaro
Ca Foscari University in Venice Italy during meeting
Eurotraining by Europe Union

Tiziano Tescaro "Climate Change" Istambul Turkey whit Life TV www.lifetv.us

Interview with Matteo Salvini pre regional elections in 2015, we do not forget the air pollution

Tiziano Tescaro interview Luca Zaia election day 2015

The doctor in law Massimo Pecori and Tiziano Tescaro

Tiziano Tescaro in TEL AVIV for Climate Change Conference

President of UNIR Italy TOGO, (community of Milan), called 
Tiziano Tescaro Director Miss Earth Italy, Special Guest, the Indipendance Day celebration of Togo 56 years. Italy has good relations with the African Nation.

Togo Indipendance Day, celebration in Milan, Italy. National Director Miss Earth Italy Tiziano tescaro, invited by the President of Togo UNIR for Italy

Tiziano Tescaro
Election Day 2015 interview
Luca Zaia and Matteo Salvini

Tiziano Tescaro speaks at the meeting Italy Togo sharing of Culture and Beauty

Tiziano Tescaro in Shanghai Museum
of Contemporary Art, interviewed by China National Television. There is much to learn from China.

Tiziano Tescaro of  "Brooklyn Business Expo 2010"  in New York   2010. and  april 2016

Tiziano Tescaro in Dubai
starting projects to open a market in
great Pharaonic city of Dubai,
the future no transport but communication.

Nel 2009 Tiziano Tescaro lavorando per il governo degli Stati Uniti ottiene il serial Number DUNS come organizzazione internazionale certificata.

Tiziano Tescaro founded

Tiziano Tescaro
 CEO  Miss Earth Italy

Tiziano Tescaro
Film Festiva in Cannes

Tiziano Tescaro in
New York
city al The Chrysler Building Brooklyn Conference

Tescaro Tiziano
with Pop Star Mehreen in India, here creativity is great, even the genius, but also respect for nature and ecology.

Tiziano Tescaro praises to the public a guest the lawyer. Dr. Massimo Pecori during a gala in Vicenza "Beauty and Ecology"


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